I was embroiled in a Twitter debate last night. A young man whose bio clearly states that he is a comedian and, in his own words, is soooo effing funny. He posted what I assumed was meant as a joke. Now, I didn't find it funny, and I like an offensive joke, I am not… Continue reading OUTRage


International Women’s day!

I want to shout out Happy International Women's day like everyone else, but to be honest.. I'm not happy about it! Women's day! I think about that a lot, that we still need a 'day' for so many issues that really, by now, shouldn't require any special announcement of existence. It's 2019 and still women… Continue reading International Women’s day!

That twisted knife of self-doubt…

What is it about doubt? As a writer, actually I am going to assume anyone, but especially in the artistic field, we have this doubt that is always creeping in. I write my books with the full understanding that not everyone that reads them will love them. There will always be someone that just didn't… Continue reading That twisted knife of self-doubt…

Realising, I am not a moron!

You ever try and do something and everyone around you is doing it, and you just cant get it? That was me... this past year, all i kept reading about was AMS ads... So, I looked at it and then closed the page. My brain just wasn't built for that! I kept coming back to… Continue reading Realising, I am not a moron!

Happy New Year

Thought I'd give it a couple of days before finding my way over here, let you all deal with the hangovers first!! It was a quiet one for me (I say that as though any other year is different!!, Its not haha) I managed to stay up past midnight this time though, so that was… Continue reading Happy New Year